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The concept and vision of “net neutrality” is easily expressed. Its far more difficult to protect, given the manipulative tendencies of corporate behavior, and millions spent on lobbying.

Cell providers and internet giants never do anything without profit, and/or market domination in mind. It is so easy to tempt consumers with immediate gratification bait, like those described below, that the long term consequences to individuals, their personal choice, and freedom, are completely lost to us, as we “opt in”, to yet another fantastic offer that serves up ten more ways to lose ourselves in media and product consumption.

As a T-Mobile customer, I received this announcement in my email, and I plan on disabling it because of what I believe it represents. To be sure, my decision is less difficult than say, a permissive parent’s with two teenagers in the household, but I could go on about how that could be handled better as well. Hint: It’s not the kids fault.

I use my phone first as a communication device. I don’t like spending lengthy time looking at a palm size screen for anything, be it texting, or entertainment. It’s not good for the eyes, neck, mind, attention span, and every other ergonomic rule of good practice imaginable. I also believe the best way to access online data, other than a direct connection, is via WiFi, not through a cell phone data stream.

There are many privacy and security issues we face as digital consumer animals now. It’s going to get even more complicated, and we are going to become more vulnerable before things reach a point that (hopefully) serve us, and the noblest visions, most fairly.

If you’re not a streaming addict that can’t find a way to live without more, more, more video in your life, through your phone service, please disable the T-Mobile Binge On setting on your account. Its a Trojan Horse, and you do not need it.