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Thank you for reading my posts and the articles I share.

The content you see has been compiled from various sources and time frames, including me, and my own, spanning back prior to the site creation itself. I hope you will engage whenever you feel something to say. For more about all this, please visit my post, More About All This…

The Front/Home page currently shows a slider module that displays the most recent posts. The main Blog page link displays all the site posts in chronological order, with additional page links at the very bottom left/right of the scroll. Please feel free to comment on anything you see/read. Even the old ones. At the bottom of the site pages are menus for categories, archives, and a search and translate widget. The Translate widget is pretty good. For those of you interested in this feature, please try it, and let me know how it works for you.

Please know that all comments are screened for spam prior to publishing. So please be patient until I can approve comments for uploading. Also, while you can certainly remain anonymous, I will not upload comments without a valid email addresses.

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Thank you again for your visits. You have a choice on how to spend your online screen time. I appreciate your decision to spend some of it here.

All the best,

Michael Bailey