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I’ve gone back and forth on what to do with blog technology.

I waffled for years among a myriad of choices and creative approaches between building a site with higher social or communication purpose, and building something of a more self absorbed level. These two routes, while full of colorfully different approaches from the 152 million? blog practitioners, summarize the bulk of blogs. Slightly more expansive, and comically harsh is Roz Chast’s perception.


I lump her entire pie chart under the self absorption category, but I do add in a second category for the altruistic, teaching, and helping nature of other blog sites that also (thankfully) exist online. I admire the people behind those sites. Those are the blogs that can make a difference, big and small, in people’s lives. My site is not, directly, one of those types of sites. 😉 Although I do try and bring worthy news to visitors, this site also includes my personal contributions of varied creative forays, of no determined value to anyone who comes upon them. All of this, one way or the other, is born of my own need to broadcast something of myself into the webosphere. So maybe I’m a little bit of both categories. At least, as of this writing. 😉


I’ve been trying to get more serious and purposeful over the years, since I started doing this. After all, ranting about tailgaters, crooked politicians, and greedy corporations, gets old quick. Its something one needs to keep in check. If for no other reason, than to preserve sanity.

I’ve grown self conscious of taking up valuable bandwidth without a more decisive direction. Maybe, I’ll sell something, or “try to.” Maybe I’ll find a voice that gives me, and my audience, deeper connections with the content.

Thank you for visiting, and deciding your time is worth any time on my site.

For another side, please visit my work site, where you can deliberate any number of ideas on how to hire me. I could use the money to pay for car repairs. Thanks. 😉