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I’ve been a Mac person since 1993. There was never a question for me. Since that time, and after Microsoft launched its first Windows platform, the main reason individuals and companies chose Microsoft over Mac, was cost savings, and, where applicable, compatibility with specialized business software. Beyond that, the arguments of a quality interface and superior build of Macs were lost on anyone who’s eyes glazed over after two technical words in a sentence, or grossly misunderstood that Macs were only for artists.

But that was then. This is now. Enter the online age of malware, identity theft, and extortion.

Ransomeware is the nastiest thing in cyberspace, short of having a loved one taken hostage. It’s been going on for years. It’s getting worse, and it will get even more worse, when it breaks out further in the U.S. I already know someone here in CT, who has been victimized by ransomeware. A local documentary film producer who had his media files locked until he forked over 2K in bitcoin.

If you own a company that must use software which has absolutely no reasonable second option that is compatible with a Mac, then you’ve painted yourself into a corner, and are stuck in a very dangerous place. It won’t be easy, will be expensive, and will take time, but you and your company need to plan an exit strategy out of Windows now. (No pun intended.) Pay now, or pay much more later.

If you are a company, or an individual, who is not reliant on Windows for specific software, and has reasonable software options on the Mac platform, then, I’m not sure I can find any logical reason for you to stick with Microsoft.

Yes, it will be a large annoyance, and increased cost to switch over, but unless you are impossibly strapped for cash, you are playing with fire, and ultimately running the risk of spending/losing so much more than the initial expense of a changeover.

Windows has always been inferior to Mac’s OS against security threats. Don’t take my word for it. Read up on your own. The security gulf will likely never be narrowed because the native Mac architecture is designed ground-up to protect your files more.

As far as I’m concerned, the justification for dumping Windows, has never been more compelling. With ransomeware and increased security threats sweeping the globe, I don’t know why anyone would even consider buying a PC over a Mac today.

If any of my FB friends here need help or advice to switch over, I’m happy to help you make the switch. Just let me know, and we’ll talk off line.