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I have lots of company joining me, exhausted with the ongoing news cycles for the last year and a half. It’s not subsiding any time soon. I’m thinking years. Given the American culture, and habits of, news reporting, its consumption, buying it, selling it, sponsoring it, and distributing it, I see an almost constant peaking of news events on any, and every, level and scale, offered up almost daily, with no breather.

The comic parodies mocking the overwrought “Breaking News” interruption on cable news have long lost their humor yield. In real life, it’s exhausting, and almost surreal. There literally has not been a break from “breaking news.”

Maybe I’m just feeling vulnerable, but it feels like events are getting really serious now. There’s a convergence of multiple news happenings, any one of which alone, has global implications, coming up in days, or weeks, maybe a month, that’s going to put a collective hurt on the people, the governments, and the infrastructure in this country. It feels party-less, like, what could be about to happen, is about to mutate into a life of its own, with tentacles, and reach beyond where any forces fighting it, on either side of the oceans, can ever extend. A soulless enemy of cancerous mistrust that we made together as humanity into an incurable disease.

The U.S. power grid has been targeted before by hackers. Assessing the risk is years old, but now they’re officially in, and we’re sitting ducks. It is already known, that the level of consequence to the U.S. today, right now, would be colossal. Based on that fact alone, we are in big, big trouble. Grand-spectacle-wise, we lose any war before it even starts. Period. Done. Well-Done.

Three articles below. All chilling. Make special note of the Vocative article, from April 2017.

What Does It Mean to Hack an Electrical Grid?-Slate

Cyberattacks Put Russian Fingers on the Switch at Power Plants, U.S. Says – The New York Times

Military Is Ramping Up Preparation For Major U.S. Power Grid Hack-Vocativ