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Misaki Kawai

Are you tired of reading anti-exercise philosophy articles? Here’s an anti-anti-exercise philosophy article.

I’ve written here before about my own view on exercise fanaticism. Not that there isn’t enough around elsewhere. I’ve decided that people who flame the type A fitness addicts, have inadvertently encouraged them to increase their compulsive focus on running seven miles a day, riding road bikes till their prostate is crushed, donning the pompous outfits in bizarre idolatry of French athletes, climbing every known precipice, building muscle till it resembles an off road bike path.

As much as I started liking this recent article in the NY Times, I ended up not liking it also. I like it because it drew conclusions that support the idea of an over zealous culture on fitness, athletically, scientifically, and commercially. That’s well worth expounding on, but still, in the end, its a four column 1/2 broadsheet article on the topic. Well, maybe this corks the dam a little. How much more can we talk about this stuff? Don’t answer that.

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