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Signs bearing the letter “Q” are visible at President Trump’s campaign rally in Florida on Tuesday. They’re related to the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.

The country is abloom with more crackpots than ever. The world follows. More are born. And the future looks worse for it.


As the cameras rolled on President Trump’s campaign rally for GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis in Florida on Tuesday night, a peculiar sign appeared in view.

We are Q.”

Journalists at the event noted multiple attendees carrying signs and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the name “QAnon.”

The shirts and signs are references to a conspiracy theory growing increasingly popular among those on the far-right — and a conspiracy theory about which the White House fielded a question from the media on Wednesday.

What is QAnon?

The conspiracy theory centers on a mysterious and anonymous online figure — “Q.” According to The Daily Beast, “Q” began posting on anonymous Internet message boards in October 2017. The person or persons behind the “Q” persona claim to possess a top-level security clearance and evidence of a worldwide criminal conspiracy.