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Thinking, about this headline. Thinking, I agree. Thinking, that one, one of the key issues for my distaste of Trump, may very well have been his association with the Right side of government, and it’s ideology. In this regard, the question to all of us left of center and beyond, is how we’d have been, would be, with a left sided Trump?
I know my answer. What’s yours?

Thing is, Trump’s problem, mostly, is that he’s… hmmm… an imbecile.

For me, being politically incorrect is generally more of a good thing, than bad. For that, Trump gets decent marks. The country, humanity even, deserves, needs, a departure from the old line boilerplate politician that essentially took over this country after the WWII.

This isn’t the place for that longish essay. It’s just a shortcut sentence to my point, and this article below.

Again, the issue with Trump… he’s an imbecile. We don’t need that.

Worth reading from NPR:

Warning To Democrats: Most Americans Against U.S. Getting More Politically Correct

Heading into the 2020 Democratic primaries, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll has a warning for Democrats: Americans are largely against the country becoming more politically correct.

Fifty-two percent of Americans, including a majority of independents, said they are against the country becoming more politically correct and are upset that there are too many things people can’t say anymore. About a third said they are in favor of the country becoming more politically correct and like when people are being more sensitive in their comments about others.

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