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After Trump’s really awkward and 100% phony trip to Mexico, followed by the insufferable speech in Arizona, I have finally reached my personal end point with following the activity of this stunningly incompetent clown! I felt it was important to keep tabs on him just to watch how his mind worked as we get ever closer to the election. Call it due diligence, or the observational journalist in me. No more.

I am so done with this guy. He’s got nothing to say. Nothing but slogans or attacks, and pandering, all day long. “Build the Wall! We’re Gonna Be Great! Crooked Hillary!” Two months from election day, he’s got no substance, or ideas on policy developed on our nation’s issues or challenges, logged online, or distributed to anyone, anywhere. He’s just got nothing.

If he has any ounce of mental forethought, or any sense of awareness of the profound weakness in his political position at this moment in his life, he will do the right thing, and withdraw from the debates, and the race, allowing the RNC to bring in a suitable replacement, before he makes this political year any more embarrassing, than it already is.

I have written here before in posted essays, and in comment threads describing the complexities about how and why this man got nominated. I have given his supporters a break in their judgement due to their exasperated personal situations, and/or, their irreversible cynicism. I have acknowledged that many people in our country are true racists, or bigots, and many of them are Trump people, who will follow him off a cliff, as followers do with a cult leader. I have also stated that many Trump supporters are not these things. It is those people I write to here.

People! Wake up from your haze! Shake it off, and get the hell off the insane bandwagon you are on. I know you all hate Hillary Clinton, and she deserves to be questioned, but she’s not an incompetent empty vessel, who has the political brain and thinking process of a sixteen year old. Trump’s business acumen has nothing to do with political viability. Even so, his so-called business talent has been many times revealed as mostly an exploitative loudmouth and big risk taker, with no solid values of integrity or fair practices. Do some research on this man outside of the slanted orbit of his surrogates’ propaganda. Listen to others beyond his protective family, who have known him, and have had substantive relationships with him in the past. This is all on the record, if you choose to read up on it.

So you hate Hillary. So hate her. Stay home then. Don’t vote. Or vote for Gary Johnson, if you must. (but know that if you vote for Johnson, you’re betraying your entire Trump rationale, which begs the question, WTF have you been doing all this time?) Wait this term out, and cue up for 2020. The point here is anyone who gives reasonable time to analyze and deeply observe what Donald Trump has been about, and is about, can NOT vote for this man to be President of the Untied States. This man is beyond historically incompetent to hold the Presidency. He is a danger to the national security of our country.

It is my position, that those who are not outright racists, who support Trump, have simply not done their homework, or are living in a sealed bubble with no desire to poke through. They have not studied this man outside of his shallow speeches. It is my belief that the vast majority of his supporters have not listened to any other credible, thoughtful, non-network media associated opinions, nor writers, journalists, nor commentators outside the echo chambers of his own acolyte world and Conservative media. They have claimed not to have the time to do anything but watch one cable news TV station-Fox, one conservative talk radio station. They have claimed that every other media outlet but these, are biased, and part of a liberal or Democratic conspiracy.

People! Political partisanship exists. You think its in the media? DUH! Its everywhere! That’s exactly the reason, you, and we, have no choice but to explore as many news and reporting outlets and sources, from both sides, as we can. If for no other time in our lives, then at least, during important election periods. Our country deserves more investment of our time, as citizens, than an easy,  lazy (yes, its lazy.) surrender to one or two, shallow, and yes, “often”, very partisan media sources. You don’t trust media? Fine! I don’t blame you. Don’t trust media. But, that includes Fox News. That includes Rush Limbaugh. So dig deeper! And don’t trust anything, or anybody who is loud and angry before they are anything else. That’s the dead giveaway of bias.If that’s all you want, then reap what you sow. Today, if you’re after more than just echos, you have to work at it more than flipping on a TV or reading the internet’s first search returns.

Truth is out there, if you work the mines to get it out.

As much as I am embarrassed by the support this guy already has, if he goes on to the debates, and stays in this race, he will do nothing but embarrass himself, and this country even more. He will then lose whatever little credibility he still has left. He will get walloped in the election so bad, that even his legendary celebrity status may not recover. I’m actually counting on him to figure this out at the 11th hour, and finally pull out, which ironically, would solidify his mythical stature. That is exactly where he belongs. As a myth. >MB

UPDATE: Trump was elected President. Read more of what happened in future posts.