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Lots of batteries get recycled. Lots don’t. Take alkaline batteries, for instance. You know, the double, triple A, C,, and D batteries many of us use? Do you know there is only one state that requires alkaline batteries to be recycled? Of course, its California. For the rest of the states, they allow you to simply toss them in the trash. Not good. Don’t believe its okay to throw them in the trash. Its not.

Battery recycling programs are a weakness in our disposal economy, and local government’s public relations outreach is poor, but its not one we can’t improve on our own. If you use enough batteries, or, if you’d like to create a community based battery recycling service, consider working with Battery Solutions. They do charge a fee, but, if you, or, your business, or residential community, use enough batteries over the course of a year, its not a lot to pay to keep them out of landfills, The cost is also very little to invest if it is spread across multiple participants, who want to do good by the environment.

If you don’t use that many, please don’t throw yours away. They cause harm. Try calling your local office supply store, like Staples. The one near me accepts all kinds of waste related to tech, and office products. Printer cartridges, laptop batteries, and, periodically, does accept alkaline batteries. Just walk in and drop them off. Thank you!

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