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passion-quoteIt’s about time I conquered my demons and finally decided to live my life the way I want to, not the way other people see me, or think I should be. Damnit! Life is too short to waste precious days, hours, minutes, seconds doing anything but what beats within my heart and soul. So deep it brings tears to my eyes. Yes, from now on, my life will be different. My life will be one of depth, of color, joy, and spirit that emanates from inside every cell of my existence. A life of who I am and was always meant to be. From this day on, I will pursue my passion, the reason I was put on this planet, the purpose of my existence. The reason I was put here to share the breath of life. I now see how easy it has always been. I need only open my eyes and see what is right there in front of me. To see my passion. To see, finally, with total recognition, awareness, and connectedness what I was meant to do. What I must do, now and forever more. I will announce to the world who I am with the confidence I lacked until now. My identity will bloom to all who know me. On a stage, in a classroom, an office, on a hilltop, or a street corner. With joy and undeterred commitment, I will live my passion by…uh…uh…where was I…oh, yeah…Fuck this bullshit.