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In order to successfully complete the Certificate Program for Desktop Publishing at CUNY in New York, I had to prove proficiency in the layout skills I was taught. I chose to create a magazine column layout with a feature story and images. The exam did not call for real text. Dummy text was acceptable, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave it there. I decided to write an entire fictional piece to be the host home for my layout presentation. Images, text, magazine title, sidebars, all fictionally created. Needless to say, the writing required far more work, than the design. Of course, I got an A!.;)

PS: All the images were culled from random locations and not used with permission. I apologize to anyone who felt exploited. In fact, I know the man on the cover of my story was/is a famous singer songwriter. That’s an album cover of his. The image of him was so perfect for my storyline, I had no choice but to use it. I wish I could remember his name. Please let me know if you recognize him. Its been driving me crazy. Thank you! 😉