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Most entertaining.

If you were just half a Grateful Dead fan, you will breeze through all six episodes. Every interview has intelligent and thoughtful accountings of the odyssey of the Grateful Dead. The depth was unexpected. Tons of great unearthed footage and culture as backdrop from a musical era that already sticks to many of us forever.

I wasn’t a Deadhead, by any stretch, but I appreciated the band for what they were trying to do. Mostly it was Jerry Garcia’s guitar, and Robert Hunter’s thinking man’s lyrics that made me a fan. I had their first 8 or 9 albums and then I fell off in ’74. Unlike the true acolyte, I didn’t hang on every note and word, following them from show to show, convinced of a deeper meaning of it all. Still, I had plenty of Dead favorites that I enjoyed just for the music’s sake. I suppose Jerry would be just fine with that.

Highly recommended.