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An appeals court hears arguments Wednesday on the future of Philly’s landmark tax on sweetened drinks. The money is funding preschool for low-income kids, but the soda industry says it’s losing jobs.

In observing those people who are directly involved in the sales and distribution of zero nutrition sugar drinks and soda, I find them similar to people involved in the economies of the fossil fuels industry.

People who gain income or revenue from one, or the other, are a contributing factor to making our planet dirty, and polluted, or, they are a contributing factor to an unhealthy and damaging diet of the planet’s inhabitants. Those who disagree with this statement, probably question the dangers of climate change, pollution, or, sugar in our diet, even though solid facts are established on all of them. So, in dealing with facts, let’s put those people who deny them, aside.

The arguments against cutting back on fossil fuels and sugary drink distribution, whether it be by reduced funding, tariffs, or legislation, are always the same. Job and revenue loss. That puts the decision to cuts on a different plane. A higher purpose…..