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For some, the decision on making moves towards sex, even the most innocent kiss, can be fraught with fear and awkwardness. Here’s my criteria for working through the early emotions:

First Date: No. Its rushing.

Second Date: Eh, not really. Its impatient.

Third Date: Ok, maybe a kiss goodnight.

Fourth Date: Hmm, maybe, maybe. a little more, but check for signals.

Fifth Date: Alright, are we doing something here or not?

Sixth Date: Ok, Alright. So let’s talk about why you don’t want to have sex yet. Sigh…

Seventh Date: Why haven’t you called me?

Eighth Date: There’s an eighth date?


Explain: IMHO, excluding buffoonish teenager, and twenty something hormone moves, early date sex advances disrespect the woman, or man. They also disrespect the unique moment in time, that you can never get back, once its crossed. The moment, or moments between two people in which physical attraction and sexual curiosity simmer below the surface of a psychological and emotional experience between those same two people. Whether there is an intellectual exchange, or one of less substance, the last moments, hours, or days before a sexual boundary is crossed is a special, memorable place to be, that no one should be overeager to depart.