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The real question in the room. Will enough of the same people who voted him into office, vote him back in anyway?

Some surely will not. There actually are people who admit they made a mistake in 2016, and may sit out 2020. But, given the broken electoral college system, and the in-your-face rigging of it by political gerrymandering, it is quite conceivable this man will gain enough votes again.

Of course, there’s more to the odds than just that. There’s the strength and electability of the opposition candidate, and there’s Russian interference, to name two major factors.

Right now, just a year away from the election, without a sea change in support from his base, a strong, scandal free, broadly accepted front runner emerging as a challenger, and quite likely, legislation banning him from running again, if he even is impeached, which is already unlikely to happen, Trump is President again in 2020.

Quick, easy to read, and instructive. This article sums up smartly where we are likely headed.