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Four years ago I wrote the following post mortem on Donald Trump’s election win. A few of the names have changed, but the accuracy and spirit of my words is as true as ever as we stand once again on a tipping point in American history. Today, even though he was resoundingly defeated for re-election, it remains hard to look back because the phlegm of his influence continues to drip over everyone unpersuaded by the vacuous cult figure that possessed Donald Trump.

Most anti-Trumpers are not, and never were puzzled about who this man was in 2016 and remains today. The early and now fully bloomed anxiety of his ascendancy in those quarters was, and remains, about his people, his supporters, his enablers. That was the conversation to have in 2016. It is still the conversation to have now. If the reality about our divided country, regardless of the personal criticisms of each side, isn’t addressed by a rationally organized and collaborative government unified for public outreach, as well as, honest introspection among all of us (so far proven impossible) expect more tipping points ahead and potentially dangerous destabilization in the foreseeable future. It won’t be pretty.